Butterflies of Indonesia are well known because of their high species richness, high level of endemicity, and, of cour, their beauty. there are many exquisite species that attract the attention of numerous collectors. To ensure that the utilization of wild animals and plants does not threaten their axistence, some species are regulated by an international convention, know as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).
In Indonesia thare are laws and regulations concerning the preservation of wild animals and plant, i.e. PP no. 8 year 1999. these were based on a higher law, i.e. UU no. 5 year 1990 about consernvation of biologocal resources and their ecosystem ( accessible at
With the increasing demans made on butterflies for personal collection or for display in butterfly species, especially butterflies regulated by CITES and additional species protected in Indonesia. This book is written to answer and fulfil the need for simple guide book that can be understood by all stekeholders and the interested public.
The species richness of butterflies in Indonesia is estimated about 2,500 species. This is rivalled only by some tropical coutries in South America, such as Peru and Brazil with about 3,700 species. As a tropical archipelagic country, Indonesia has high level of endemism in animal distributions. this means many species have limited distributions and can only be found on some island. Indonesia butterflies have very high level of endemism, reaching over 35 percent of the total number of species. The levels of endemism of butterfies from Peru, Brazil and some other countries in South America only reach 10% of the total number of species. Thus Indonesia has more endemic species than any other country (peggie,2008).


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